lexslut: The only thing I wanna pop is that pussy, ya feel


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Anonymous: Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

This question has been in my inbox for a while now and I look at it and think to myself “How do I even approach this question? What would I even answer?” 

The question itself was making me uncomfortable. I would accidentally open it up sometimes and groan in disgust at the sight of it. I finally understand why it was making me feel that way.It’s  because the answer to  this question is yes. 

I’ve always seen my mother’s failed marriage as a representation that things aren’t meant to work out forever. As a kid I applied this to every relationship/friendship that came in my way. I would get really close to certain people but inside I always knew that things weren’t going to last and it always kept me from giving my 100% with getting involved with people, whether they were friends, adults, neighbors, whatever. 

Then the one relationship I gave 100% ended in a complete disaster. 

SO NOW DIS TRILL GODDESS IS SITTING HERE LIKE FUK YO FEELINGS AND FUK DIS SHEET AND I’M HEARTLESS YOLO YOLO YOLO. Instead of letting go of old shit like a mentally stable person would. 

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Anonymous: Who are you? Names, nationalities, and virtually any other socially-defined attributes do not count. Deep down, who are you?

I am a person who is shaped by her past. Every experience is a lesson to me that I always seem to look back on before I make a critical decision. 

"Learning allows you to anticipate the future from past experience and control a complex and ever-changing environment " -from my AP Psych book

I am more self-aware than I have ever been in my life and I came to the conclusion  that EVERY action I seem to take is because of something I’ve experienced in the past, because I know what’s right or wrong and because I know that this certain action will result in this certain event. 

It’s just now that I’m beginning to realize that I should stop over-thinking the outcomes so much and just do what feels right. I am slowly starting to let go of these stupid guidelines I’ve set for myself long ago and live more in the present while maintaining a foundation of what I want my future to be.


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Anonymous: Is there anyone that you're interested in?

Define “interested”. 

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qfilosofx: If you had a friend ho spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

Not that long. 

The way I “speak to myself” is not someone I would like to have around.  

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Anonymous: What's something misunderstand about you often?

People think of me as an unhappy or discontent person because there always seems to be something wrong. But that’s untrue, my life isn’t bad at all.

It’s just complicated,way too much for someone of my age to handle and it becomes overwhelming at time. Which in result I feel creates my heightened emotions of “giving up” or as I would usually say “being done”, when in reality things aren’t that bad. They’re just complicated.

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Anonymous: Sorry I'm flat. Try again

Samrin chillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. 

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Anonymous: What do you want for Christmas and I'm not samurai

lol all I want for Christmas is a

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Anonymous: Lol what if glee did 'Mercy'

lol omg Samrin stop. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the thoughts of my best friend. 

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Anonymous: 39. Three names you go by...

1. Adriana

2. Adri

3. Tierra

Although the third one kinda died down after sophmore year. I had that nickname FOREVER. 

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Anonymous: A,D,R,I,N

A: Why my last relationship ended.

Because I’m trill and he’s a bitch nigga. 

D: Hardest thing I’ve ever been through

Life after my parent’s divorced and Adrian’s problems 

R: Favorite Song At The Moment

Bad Girls - MIA

I: Have any tattoos or piercings? 

No tattoos, just regular ear piercings and I have the cartilage of my right ear pierced. 

N: Favorite Place to Shop At? 

Forever21 when they have sales. 

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Anonymous: 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?


I like guys with nice hair. 

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Anonymous: 10&23!!!!!!!

 10. Do you have a significant other? 

Definitely! He’s freaking adorable and sweet and cute(I know, I know such a broad description). I haven’t tried to talk to him much the last couple of days because I’m sensing that he’s busy or up to shenanigans since it’s the long weekend. 

23. Can you do a headstand (not using the wall)? 

I actually can. I used to take a lot of yoga classes back when I was younger and I learned how to do a supported headstand where you like support yourself  like this

I am not sure if you mean that or something else. But as easy as it looks, it takes a lot of concentration and upper body strength to remain straight and still like that. I think last time I did one I was able to hold it for a little bit more than 5 minutes.  

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Anonymous: How far have you gone?

These are all the places I’ve been to since I’ve lived here in Georgia(A).

How about you look and tell me how far I’ve been ;D

sEE what I did there? 

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Anonymous: 6.Have you ever been called a tease?

Yaaah. There’s a couple of guys that SWEAAAAAAR, I am always giving them mixed signals. I’m just like yeah okay, if I was interested in you, you would know for sure.

Guys love to confuse kindness with flirting. Especially at my school. 

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